Thursday, June 13, 2013

Drawing Challenge Part 6

This 30 day challenge was a really great way to stay inspired to draw every day.  Having a prompt made me go outside my comfort zone and draw things I hadn't drawn before.  This post represents the last 5 days of the challenge.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing the work I have produced during this challenge.

Day 26, something I don't like.  Wasps, enough said.
 Day 27, someone I love. John, that is all.
 Day 28, I felt like drawing a squirrel.
 Day 29, a place I want to go.  Glasgow City Chambers, representing the area of Scotland my Grandfather came from.
 And day 30, a banner congratulating myself for completing the thirty days,
and reminding me to keep drawing.
Now that I have shared all thirty days of drawing with you, my posts should return to normal crafty projects, but before I am done, which drawing was your favorite?

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