Saturday, May 12, 2012

A new lease on our couch

Last week I said, for the record, this is my couch.

I finished the new slip cover for the couch a few days ago, but circumstances have kept me from posting about it until now.  As usual, I got caught up in the enthusiasm of sewing and didn't take many progress photos.
John and I like dark woods and rich blues and we have furnished our apartment in objects of those colors predominantly.  I try to throw in some bright colors in accents to liven up our decor.  Of course for the couch I chose a rich brown body, and blue seat cushions.  The body is a thick, heavy linen that is durable and feels lush.  The seat covers are a cotton denim but not so thick as to be difficult to work with.
I got the fabrics at my favorite fabric store, the previously mentioned Halsey Fabric, in Newark, NJ.  They had these great copper covered zippers with blue trim and they installed in the seat covers really beautifully.  Most of you have already seen this photo.
I pieced the couch cover together piece by piece, pinning the pieces together on the couch like you would a dress on a dress form.  I then did a running stitch where the seaming should go and removed it from the couch.  That was the hardest part, getting the cover off without ripping out the running stitch was difficult, but after doing all the seaming it is so worth all the time and energy.
Our couch looks like new and feels like a whole new piece of furniture. I also discovered the couch has nice legs.
Next post, I'll tell you about the quilted throw, the new pillow, and my plans for what's next.

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  1. That was so fast! It looks great, except for its immodestly exposed legs. I had to avert my eyes.