Saturday, May 5, 2012

Furniture for sitting on

For the record, this is my couch:

It's a bit beat up.  I got it in a thrift store in central Ohio in October of 2009 and it traveled home to my apartment with me in the back of my car.  The car didn't make the cut when we moved to New Jersey, but the couch did.  It even has a television in front of it now.
The couch isn't in the best shape, it has really scary stains on the (underside of the) cushions, and the color isn't one I brag about much.  As you can see it almost matches the boring carpet of our current apartment.  But, I do like it.  It is not high backed, which I like because it makes the space around it seem bigger.  It isn't too deep, and the seat isn't too tall, so my tiny little legs can reach the ground on it.  It's not cushy, but you also can't slide into it and spend an hour trying to get out.

Also, for the record, here are some photos of various fabrics:

Any guesses on my next post?

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