Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Save the Dates

My wedding to John is coming up in  just a few weeks now.  You may have noticed my absence here and on Hungry Griffin for several months.  I have been planning and organizing and it has been taking up a large amount of my time and attention.  I will of course have some diy projects to share once the wedding is over, as I have done quite a few in preparation.  As a sneak peak, I thought I would share our save the date cards with you.

John and I have been together for seven and a half years and we have been engaged for the last three.  We are aware that this pace is not the traditional one, but we both wanted to take our time.  We thought we would incorporate that into our save the dates.

This was my original sketched out idea for the cards.  I made it late one night after John and I came up with the idea and I didn't want to lose it.  It actually is quite similar to how the actual cards turned out.
We had a good time with it.  I bought us some "mature" clothing for us at a thrift store, some old glasses (neither of us could see a thing through them, and I bought John a bubble pipe.  The knitting and newspaper were easy.
We had a lot of silly options to choose from, but we love the one we went to and the cards turned out great!  We got them printed at Moo.

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