Monday, May 19, 2014

Camera Strap

Recently my mother passed on one of the things I remember most fondly from growing up, her Nikon.  It was made in the late 1970s and it has real heft, something I miss in newer cameras.  The camera is in great shape, all of the gears and buttons still operate and there isn't even much wear on the body.
While the camera itself is in fantastic shape, the strap was another matter entirely.  The two layers of the strap had separated and the leather/faux leather (I am not sure) was looking pretty beat up and worn out.  I decided to do a little revamp.

What I ended up doing was tearing out the remaining stitches between the two layers and tidying the loose threads left over from wear and tear.  I then covered the leather strap with a beautiful red cotton with a sunburst pattern, and reattached the two layers.  I left all the original hardware as is, including the two leather ends of the strap.  I think the effect is nice.  The strap retains the character to match the camera, but the color is bright and the strap is secure.
What old things could you give a lift?

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