Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drawing Challenge Part 3

   For your viewing pleasure, the next five days of the challenge.

Day 11 is a turning point in my life, and I chose moving back to Ohio from Connecticut after graduating from college.  It was a quick decision that really affected my life from that point on.

Day 12 is my most recent accomplishment, a dress I had just finished making.
 Day 13 was a comic.  I think the intention was a comic strip, but I went another direction.
 Day 14 was my favorite of this week.  It was my favorite fairy tale and I chose The Golden Goose from Grimm's.  I chose to illustrate the princess who had never laughed having a good chuckle.
 Day 15 was a family portrait and I went with a theoretical future family.  Myself and John of course in our little house with our beagle.  I wanted to draw in the style of a children's family portrait with the boxy house and the tree in the front yard.
Day 15 marks halfway through the challenge and halfway through these posts.  I hope you are enjoying them.

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