Tuesday, February 5, 2013


John and I took a little mini vacation this weekend.  Our college friend, Nathan, had a job interview in New York City, so we went in to spend the weekend with him before his interview.  It was great to see him and really nice to be back in New York for two days. Nathan called our weekend bro-cation, the main difference between vacation and bro-cation being, of course, on bro-cation you are required to eat way too much over and over again.  It was great!
The highlight of the weekend was my acquisition of a new game.  I have been trying to get a copy of Star Fluxx for months now and none of my local game stores has had it.  Every time I've been into the city I've hit every one I know of and not a copy was to be found.  We were walking from the vegan ice cream shop toward the subway and I saw a sign that said, "Munchkin is here!" and I got the urge to go in.  It was like I knew they had Star Fluxx somehow.  We went in, and lo and behold, 8 Bit & Up had a copy!  This store was really cool, it was like walking into the late eighties or early nineties.  They had a massive collection of video games from various eras.  Also, their board game collection (which is apparently a new addition) was impressive.
John also picked up a copy of Elder Sign there, adding to our constantly growing collection. 
So who's up for a game night?

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