Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

I know I am a couple of days late, but it has taken this long to gauge my reaction to the New Year.  It is a hard concept for me to grasp because nothing is really new.  The day to day routine of my life has not changed, so it feels like an arbitrary day on the calendar to me.  The thing I love about this time of year is not so much that things are new, but that people are inspired.  We are encouraged at this time of year to reexamine our lives and goals, and to set new goals for living.  I have never been much of one for having New Years resolutions.  I think once when I was a kid I resolved to not eat candy for the year and that lasted two weeks.
But, as I said, this time of year people are inspired.  This morning, I was floating around the internet, as is my habit, and I found myself increasingly excited by all the blogs I was reading.  I was lead by etsy to a few blogs about ownership and materialism, particularly, Stuff Does Matter and use it up wear it out make it do do without.  I find both equally compelling.  While on the surface they would seem to be at odds with one another, they are both very much linked to the crafting trend and to a very basic understanding of our interactions with things.  I can't do them justice here, so check them out.
The other blog I am always inspired by is KCLAnderson.  Last year, Karen chose a word to try to live by.  This year, she has done it again.  This concept appeals to me because it's not so much resolving to do something specific, but setting a tone for the coming year.  It's about allowing every day life to be transformed.
I have become inspired myself, and thinking about "stuff" specifically I decided my word of the year should be "deliberate".  I will strive to choose the things, activities, and food that come into my life.  I do not mean to shun the spontaneous, I only mean to act with intention.
What inspires you this new year?

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