Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When I was a kid, my dad had printing presses in the basement that he made all sorts of things on.  For example, he printed postcard announcements for all the seniors in town every month for their potluck lunch.  When I was about 12 he started making me business cards for babysitting, pet sitting, and pretty much every other odd job I could think of.  While those cards surely have sentimental value and a certain personal touch, when I decided to get some new cards, I thought maybe I would go with a professional company.  A friend told me about moo.com and I after some investigating, I bought a pack of cards.
I could not be more pleased with the result as many of you surely know.  I've been giving them out like candy.  The great thing about moo is that you can put your own images on the backs of the cards, which gave me yet another opportunity to display my crafts.  I chose 20 images and had 100 mini cards printed.  It's great!  Instead of just handing someone my card, I can let them choose for themselves from all my designs, and I know that when they get home they will want to follow up with me because of the cool experience they had getting my card.

The cards arrived in a neat little carrying box.

In case you can't read that, the asterisk says "OPEN THEM QUICK".  I feel like the box has the same enthusiasm for the cards as I have.

They look so elegant all lined up in the box.

The twenty images I chose reflect my current offerings, and I only got 100 cards, so when I add new crafts to my repertoire I can get new cards.  This way I won't be stuck with old designs for years.

I hope you are inspired by my experience, and I can't wait to put a card in your hand!


  1. I LOVE Moo cards!! I've been using them myself for a couple of years now. At first I started with some generic designs and now I use the feather from the cover of my book on one side and info about it on the other. BTW, I followed you on Twitter :-)

  2. These look really great! Please send me one and now I want to research using Moo cards for my business!