Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I promised pillows

Finally feeling like an adult, making a home, I notice details I never have before.  I want throw pillows on my bed and art on my walls.  I want each item in my home to be unique to me.  I handmade these pillows using a beautiful bronze fabric as the main accent.  The color reminded me of autumn leaves, so I worked with a tree theme.
The bronze pillow is a branch, hand-embroidered and designed by me.  The branch reaches, longing, to the right and leads the eye to the second pillow (which I place on the right).  The leaves on the blue pillow are sewn individually as little pockets and then turned inside out before the vein on the leaves are sewn.  I sewed each leaf onto a blue cotton pillow I made.  Each one is attached with an X of embroidery floss.  They pair well together and combined with this really cool wall decal from walldesigner006 on and my duvet.  Even if my bedding is nothing special, these pillows make my bed feel like none I've seen before.
Finally, I am starting to feel at home.

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