Sunday, June 12, 2011

Handy Billfolds

I got the idea for small wallets from a friend who said she likes to only bring cash, ID, and one card with her when she rides her bike.  A bulky wallet makes an uncomfortable lump in her pocket, and so she has taken to just keeping said items directly in a jeans pocket.  The result is that she loses money often.  It occurred to me that  a small wallet with a limited profile would solve this problem with no problem.  It could also be a cute, vegan alternative to a leather wallet.
In response, I have been designing small cloth wallets with three card slots, and a pocket for cash.  The are cute and have the added benefit of limiting the amount of stuff I accumulate.

Each wallet is made from four pieces.  I fold the long piece to create the card slots and sew it all together on the inside piece.  I then attach the backing and turn it inside out.

I have added snaps to each design and other elements to make each wallet one of a kind.
Let me know if you like them, and if you want one, check out my etsy shop.

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