Friday, October 23, 2015


I signed up for a monthly subscription art supply box, SketchBox, a few months ago.  It is really fun because it encourages me to try new mediums that I have either never tried before or been too afraid to really embrace before.  For example, my very first box was filled with watercolor paints and an awesome watercolor brush that holds water.   I have experimented with watercolors before, but only casually, and because I spent the money on the box, I felt motivated to give the paints a real try.  It took a lot of learning and fiddling to get it right, but I love them now.  I might even try a landscape some day soon. (But don't get too excited, I'm still pretty terrified of muddy watercolor horizon lines.)

As those of you who follow me on instagram (@griffindrygoods) know, I started out with my favorite subjects, vegetables!  What else?  The eggplant was the first veggie I experimented with.

When I was happy with the way they looked, I moved on to asparagus.
I jokingly called them the Hulk veggies because of the color palette. Next came carrots, and boy did they take a long time to do.  After the eggplant, I decided that the outlining with micron pens should come before the watercolors, so I spent hours drawing each individual leaf on the carrot tops before I got around to adding color.
And so, my Salad Series was born.  It snowballed from there, here are the rest of them without discussion.

How do you get yourself inspired to try new things?

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