Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comic Con Loot

 At New York Comic Con last month, I was lucky enough to acquire some really awesome art pieces.  I have been matting and framing and I thought I would share my results.
Walking down the artist's alley, I was struck by an oil paint set up at one booth.  I stopped to look at it, and John said, "Look who it is!"  It was Tom Gianni, the creator of Mechanic Anna.  John and I had met him last year and fallen in love with the character and with the poster (below on the left) that we purchased last year.  You remember my post.

 Anyway, we talked to Tom and it turns out he finally has a publication date next year for the first Mechanic Anna book.  And he has a new poster based on the painting that caught my eye.  I framed it with a similar frame to the first poster and gave it an equal place framing the TV.
We also found this amazing Game of Thrones poster.  John is a huge fan of maps, so we grabbed it right away and it looks great.
Lastly, I fell for this hulk yoga poster by Maris Wicks.  Unfortunately she ran out of the prints before I got the chance to buy one.  Maris was great.  She gave me her card and I emailed her, sent her some money on Paypal, and she sent me this awesome print.  It hangs over the space I do my yoga in and reminds me that sometimes I just need to relax.  Maris also has a blog, "dots for eyes", and a graphic novel coming out.  "Primates" will be published June 11, 2013.  Check it out here.

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