Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Increased productivity

Leaving work was bittersweet for me.  It's been almost a week and I miss my regular customers, I miss my coworkers, and I miss my boss.  On the flip side, I have gotten so much done.  End of last week, I came up with a new wallet design, and made two new wallets for my etsy shop.  Listings for the pink lined one, and the white lined one, are up. They are made from an old pair of wool pants that were my father's in the 1970's, and a few silk ties a regular customer gave me when he retired.  Check it out.
Both wallets have six card slots, and two cash pockets.  They are very standard men's bifold size, but the wool gives them a really luxurious feel, and the silk ties inside are a really unexpected splash of color.

And that is not all I've gotten done!  I also launched my food blog, The Hungry Griffin, made two purses (photos still to come), and made a rollup for my makeup brushes.  Not to mention all the packing I have done for our upcoming move.
Anyway, the rollup.
As I have been packing, I have noticed that my way of storing things is not always optimal. For example, I was just leaving all of my makeup brushes on the bottom shelf of our medicine cabinet, with our toothpaste and John's various shaving tools.  It isn't the tidiest option, so I decided to make a little rollup for them, so they could all live in one place together.
Isn't it cute?  And the best part is, I made it to fit perfectly in the little clinique bag John's grandmother got me for Christmas.  So now all my brushes have a safe place to live.
So I hope you enjoyed my little update, and expect some photos of purses to come.  (Oh, and if you have a father or grandfather who needs a new wallet, you know where I am.)


  1. The minute I saw that wallet, I thought, "I know where that fabric came from!" And I am in the market for a make-up brush holder...off to check out your Etsy shop!