Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New York Comic Con

NYCC was so amazing this year.  We went all three days and spent hours and hours enjoying the experience.  We saw all sorts of cool and geeky things and some really amazing costumes.  For example, check out this guy, who also made kotaku!
His hand was about 15 pounds, and the fingers all moved!

I also saw this group, dressed as the cast of Doctor Who.

But now for the best part!  My costume went over fabulously.  I dressed as Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee Frye) from Firefly.
I altered a Dickies coverall, by shortening the torso, removing the sleeves, and shortening the zipper.  I also altered the pockets to match the pockets of Kaylee's uniform.  The hardest part for me was finding a pink floral shirt. Who knew that they weren't so possible at the moment?  I ended up finding one in a size 15 and had to take it in considerably to make it fit.  I made a pink pendant like Kaylee's and finished the costume off with a pair of black work boots.

I had so much fun making this costume and even more wearing it, but the best part was that Jewel Staite (who played Kaylee in the film and the tv show) was at NYCC!  She was signing autographs both Saturday and Sunday and I eagerly waited in line to meet her.  She was so nice and bantered with me about my costume.  She signed a photo for me and also SIGNED MY COSTUME!  I asked and she was so nice about it and said yes immediately.

That is all.

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